JAZZ KAMP KRANJ 2019 from 16. 8. to 25. 8. 2019

Music is a beautiful and creative experience for both the professional and amateur musician and listener. The most successful musicians improve their knowledge and get new ideas and information in mutual cooperation with other musicians playing in various styles of music in small and big groups while trying to find the best way to communicate with the audience.

We prepared a special educational program with the best and widely acknowledged European and Slovenian jazz and pop musicians and educators based on years of experience in playing and educating jazz musicians in the JAZZ KAMP KRANJ.

Participating in individual lessons, playing in small and big groups, evening jam sessions, listening to other musicians, exchanging experience and information and finally getting the chance to make new friendships, can help you improve your knowledge and skills to be a better musician.



Alvin Queen                                                                 Mario Mavrin




Tomaž Gajšt                                                           Ulf Sandström




  Georgie Fame                                                             Ines Reiger Dominik




Emil Spanyi      


 Christophe Bras, Adam Klemm, Primož Grašič



Matjaž Mikuletič                                                                           David Gazarov

Mentors of Jazz Kamp Kranj 2019.

English (United Kingdom)Slovensko (Slovenija)


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